Patients reviews

I went in Dr. Krupp’s office with an agonizing bad tooth that needed a delicate and difficult root canal. Little did I know that it was like walking into the Disneyland of dental offices with beautiful decor, an aquarium, birds chirping around all the feeders in the dental office windows and a happy, smiling and welcoming staff that make you feel like a celebrity. Then I met Dr. Krupp with his sparkling wit and charm and his expert knowledge on everything Endodontist. He performed a miracle on my root canal and turned my experience into one of joy instead of anxiety. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give the whole office a big 15. I am thrilled with my experience and results and I will highly recommend him to everyone I know. It was honestly a pleasure to go there.

Annette G.

I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Krupp and his staff. They all were patient with me and explained the procedure of a root canal. I was anxious about what would happen and they all calmed my fears by talking me through the procedure and what to expect during and after. They worked seamlessly together to provide the best patient outcome. If you need a root canal, I highly recommend Dr. Krupp!

Patty D.

I was very comfortable through out procedure. I did not experience any pain or infection afterwards. Dr. Malek answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend her!

Ramsina M.

My root canal surgery was an exceptionally positive experience, thanks largely to Dr. Malek's expertise and approachability. She provided a thorough and clear explanation of the entire procedure, making me feel well-informed and at ease. Additionally, Dr. Malek offered invaluable advice and tips that significantly enhanced the smoothness of the process. Her assistance and professionalism were truly commendable!

Can S.

I was very satisfied with my experience, I had a very complicated root canal, it went very smoothly Dr Jeffrey and the medical staff and front desk were Excelent very friendly and highly professional, I didn’t need any antibiotics and the pain afterwards was minimal Thanking all

Faiza A.

Terrific. Caring and patient while I was in the chair, and she explained what was happening. Then she called that night to see how I was doing, and she offered great advice. Really like her!

Wayne M.

Dr. Malek is incredibly thoughtful and kind. I had to have two root canals in one week. Dr. Malek checked in with me, answered questions/concerns even on her days off, and was very responsive. When she wasn’t available for my second root canal, she arranged for Dr. Krupp to perform it as soon as possible. (Thank you Dr. Krupp!) I appreciate her attentive and caring patient care.

Denise G.

Dr. Krupp was awesome, everyone and everything was very professional. He explained everything and I felt very relax during the treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Krupp and he staff for anyone who have to go through this unfortunately procedures.

Sofia J.

I don’t think that anyone gets much pleasure from having a root canal — but that said Dr Malek made the process as comfortable as possible. She followed up with me by text or phone the following days to be certain that I was ok. I highly recommend her.

Michael D.

She was honestly the best, I had the worst tooth pain and she performed a root canal on me . This was my 3rd root Canal and hands down the best care on doing this procedure. She made me feel comfortable and showed she really cares about her patients .

Brittney P.

pleasant experience for a rather unpleasant situation. thank you for your care

Theresa L.

When patient Evelyn comes home after surgery with a constrained smile after such serious procedure, I'm pleased.

Carlo P.

Friendly and accommodating to make me feel very comfortable there

Erna R.

A root canal is never a pleasant experience but with Dr. Krupp, it's painless and easy. You feel taken care of by all his staff and Dr. Krupp himself.

Lyresa P.

My experience started with the assistant -debora-, She was extremely welcoming, caring, and helpful. Then Doctor came in, oh man! he is Cool, Knowledgable, and calming at the same time. He explained the procedure for me and added his sence of humer to it. The root canal procedure was literally painless and easy to go thorugh. His anastesia machine, makes it a breeze. I also loved how high tech was everything in his arenal of tools and machines. The other assistant - Edgar- is great too! he made it so easy for me that I can not have asked for more. You can not find any better than this. Thank you Jeffery, Edgar, and Debra for the great experience.

Ali K.

I was so impressed with how well I was treated and the care I received. Was asked how I was doing the entire time my root canal was getting done and was comfortable the entire time. I had no pain at the time of my procedure and was contacted the next day to check on how I was feeling. Have recommended all my friends and family because they are just as anxious about dental work as I am. Dr Krupp is the best and his staff are super stars!

Marina B.

Dr. Krupp and his team take a lot of care in explaining the conditions the patient has, along with making them very comfortable during the proceedure. The front desk crew is very courteous and helpful.

Scott K.


Jo Ann H.

Dr. Krupp is truly an amazing doctor! I never thought that my first root canal would be so painless! Dr. Krupp has a wonderful sense of humor besides being an expert at root canals! His assistant Edgar was also excellent! Thank you to all the staff for being so friendly and welcoming!

Ellen M.

The whole staff was very understanding and patient with me dealing with my nervousness about needles. The whole procedure went very smooth and mostly painless. Dr. Krupp and his assistant were very gentle and caring. I will recommend Dr. Krupp and his staff to my family, friends and everyone else. Howard Holderman

Howard H.

I had a great experience with Dr. Nguyen. She did a great job on my root canal. She’s very professional with a warm and friendly manner. I highly recommend her!

Joan S.

Superb dental office. Excellent experience starting with Tony at the front desk and the entire Staff. straight to Dr. Nguyen who was wonderful. My other family members referred me here as they had nothing but great outcome working with Dr. Krupp throughout the years, will not go anywhere else. Professional and sincerely caring office. Top notch work, top notch patient inter-action, always available, helpful and sensitive to your specific dental needs. High caliber in every way ending with their dental expertise.

Randy B.

Dr. Jeffery and his team are amazing. They did a great job on my root canal. I highly recommend them. Total Pros!!!!!!

Jon B.

Loved Dr. Nguyen and office staff. Dr. Nguyen was very detail oriented, professional and an absolute pleasure. My case was complicated by nerve pain. Dr. Nguyen patiently worked on me and we were able to proceed smoothly. Highly recommend!

Mary W.

If there could be such a thing as a “GREAT ROOT CANAL” this was it!! Dr.Krupp and his entire team and office staff are the BEST in our area! Being a very mature (in my 70s!), but active patient, I was a bit nervous in the hopes of saving a lower tooth in the middle of my smile. Dr. Krupp said we’d need a small miracle to perform this procedure due to the location and amount of space he had to work with. Bottom line ~ he was willing to try if I was. He had performed a previous root canal a while back and I had EVERY confidence that if anyone could pull this off he could. The procedure took much longer than expected, but his patient concern as to my comfort level during the procedure was always in the forefront. It’s been a few days and all cylinders seem to be on track for a full recovery! THANK YOU Dr. Krupp for being who you are, a caring and excellent Endodontist.

Paulette C.

Best root canal ever ! Being a root canal I was a bit nervous, specially for how I would feel after the procedure after the anesthesia would run off . The entire process was smooth and I’ve never felt anything afterwords either ! Dr Krupp is amazing , fun and very knowledgeable and his assistant is fantastic too . Great experience , not longer afraid of getting a root canal again . I’m enjoying eating on my right side of the mouth again

Angela K.

Dr. Vicky is great at communicating and is clear and concise. The whole staff has been kind, and caring. I felt comfortable from the beginning and highly recommend this office. Probably one of the best experiences as far as ease, patient care, and the procedure went well, too!

Kalani B.

job done very good


Everyone was helpful and friendly. The necessity for treatment and how it would be done were clearly and fully explained. Dr. Vicky also was very honest and did not recommend doing a root canal on one tooth that had little chance of success, and instead, with the consensus of my regular dentist, recommended extraction. I trust her knowledge, judgment, and skill.

Roberta E.

Very kind and compassionate informed me every step of the way awesome doctor

Barb G.

EVERYONE in that office was so pleasant and professional. They made my daughter feel at ease about her root canal

Elsa R.

I needed special help being seated due to a very active sciatica. They made it sure that sitting down, sitting and getting op caused as little pain as possible. There is always a lower level of what I call background pain. The procedure went well Still some tenderness at the inflamed area. Gunilla

Gunilla G.

Dr Krupp is the best. Before my appt my wife ( your patient-Dr nilima Parekhji) was asking me with whom my appt was with. I said Dr Krupp Her response was-No worries. He is theBest. Very True Thanks Ashvin

Ashvin C.

This was my first root canal and I had a very pleasant experience. Dr. Nguyen explained everything to me about what to expect, had a very friendly personality (including her fun sense of humor), and I felt no pain-even in the days following the procedure. The office was very calming and welcoming. Overall, I had a great experience and would definitely recommend Dr. Nguyen to others.

Michele B.

Outstanding. Dr. Krupp and the entire staff create an environment focused on the patient. They provided clear and thoughtful information regarding my needs. During the procedure they made sure I was informed at all steps in the process and made sure I was relaxed and comfortable during the procedure.

Susan E.

Second root canal (They Did) and just simply AMAZING SERVICE. Had an issue and they never hesitated to see me. Then when the issue was found, they resolved it through tough conditions. All I can say is 5 stars isn't enough. The whole staff was TOP OF THE LINE!

Mike W.

Great service

Jim T.

Painless and excellent

Carmelo F.

Procedure: Root Canal Great staff and excellent service. Procedures like these can be worrisome, especially for someone like myself where I've never had extensive dental work -- so I was flying in with blinders. During the whole process Dr. Krupp & team answered all my questions and were very thorough, as well, when things were explained they were done so in a way that was easily understood for someone like me who's a first (and hopefully last) timer for a root canal. Trust me and I don't say this often, schedule with this office and look no further cause better service is no where else. This office and team was so good, I had asked if they took in patients for general dental work!!

Christian D.

After losing a crown over the weekend and a phone call to my regular dentist, and learning the business had been sold, I turned to Dr Krupp, I had seen him before and his office told me to come in the next day. Dr Krupp examined and took xrays. Since part of my tooth had come off with the crown he advised me I needed a root canal. I made an appointment for a few days later and the procedure could not have gone better. There was no pain and he is meticulous with his work and his office.

Jackie W.

Nice people. An incredibly easy experience. Dr Krupp repaired a 40 year old root canal, with no pain before, after or during the two and a half hour procedure. Very pleasant and professional staff.

Jay M.

Very thorough with the procedure, I would also like to compliment the staff as well.

Joshwin K.

I was referred to Dr. Krupp by another dental office. I initially saw him for a consultation during which he and his staff were kind, friendly, and professional; simply phenomenal! Dr. Krupp and his assistant carried out all the necessary scans and checks, and explained in great detail the source of the problem, the procedure that needs to be performed, and the medication that I would need to take after the procedure. My dental matter was somewhat urgent and it was sensible for the procedure to be completed sooner. What I truly appreciate is that, despite the fact that Dr. Krupp was booked for an entire week ahead, he was able to fit my procedure appointment in his schedule for the next day! The procedure went well and I was very satisfied with the outcome. Last but not least, apart from Dr. Krupp's great professionalism and dedication to his work, he also has a great sense of humor. All in all, I had an extremely positive experience and I would highly recommend Dr. Krupp and his team!

Martin P.

Long but thorough.

Lu Anne B.

I am satisfied with the work done by Dr. Krupp. I am always confident that he will make the correct diagnosis and that the work will be done right. The hygienist Edgar did a careful and professional job.

Martha W.

I’ve had many root canals and this was by far my best experience! A root canal, not my favorite thing to have, but sometimes necessary. I was comfortable with Dr Krupp and Edgar and even accepted a blanket, which made me cozy.

Annie H.

Best dental experience ever thanks to Dr Krupp’s expertise and gentleness..

Victoria P.


Michael B.

Dr Krupp always cares and talks through the procedure, no matter how small! He is an outstanding Doctor. Marlene

Marlene K.

I am very satisfied with my experience at Dr. Krupp's office. He was very through, explained that the infected tooth needed a root canal, pointed out on the x-ray where the problem was located, explained the procedure in layman's terms, cared about my comfort level, and was humorous keeping things on a lighthearted tone. Very observant, he noticed my purple purse hanging on the hook. Above all, he took care of my problem quickly and efficiently! Thank you

Linda B.

Loved it, thank you.

Mikael Y.

all around excellent. Dr. Krupp is a superb endodontist. His staff is very efficient, thoughtful and kind.

Vicki R.

Great experience. I felt no pain. My recuperation was fast. Great staff, Dr Krupp was very good, and funny. Thank you all for everything.

Manuel M.

What a wonderful office! From the front desk, the dental assistants. I was in pain from a cracked tooth. I was squeezed in so I could have a root canal. Dr Krupp is so warm, funny and puts you at ease right away. He is excellant at what he does. I had minimal pain when the procedure was done. I also love the headphones they gave me with ambient music to put me at ease. Thank you!

Claudia C.

The most comfortable experience getting a root canal in my life! Zero discomfort afterwards. True professionals!

John V.

Everyone was efficient and courteous.

Phyllis R.

Staff was excellent. Caring, professional and the whole process went very well.


I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Krupp's office. Everyone was very professional, helpful and treated me wonderful. Dr. Krupp explained everything very well and was very funny. He made sure I understood everything that was happening and that I was in no pain. I highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you for making what was an urgent dental matter as easy as could be.

Daniel P.

Excellent! Friendly staff and personable, thorough doctor.

Steve M.

Everyone was wonderful. The room and view of the birds is so relaxing.

Carol Ann F.

He is great, 100% recommended. He won’t rush to do the the procedure until 100% sure it needed. Very professional and funny guy at the same time. Educate you on the diagnosis and walk you thru it step by step.

AlI Y.

Dr. Krupp and his team are friendly, professional and know what they’re doing. Highly recommend.

Shana I.

Quick, painless, the doctor was direct, thorough.

Colette R.

Fix my tooth ache. use new cleaning tool. excellent service.

Lucy L.

Tanya B.

I had a retreat of a previous root canal (previous root canal was from a different dentist). A retreat is basically a root canal on top of a previous root canal. Talk about no fun! This one this week was my second retreat done by this office. Two years ago Dr. Vicky did my retreat and it went perfect. This week, different tooth, was done by Dr. Krupp. First off, the x-rays show that my right side retreat from two years ago was a success. The deteriorating jaw bone had grown back as it should be. Very cool. Six months ago my left side started hurting so much I hadn't chewed on my left side for those six months. This week Dr. Krupp did an x-ray and saw the same bone deterioration on my left side that had previously occurred on my right side. Without hesitation, Dr. Krupp offered to fix it immediately. I did that four days ago and I'm already chewing on all my teeth pain free. But enough about that...let's talk about the "crew" at the office. After greeting the very colorful fish in the fantastic fish tank in the office, I was greeted by Gabriella. Gabriella is a great customer-facing person for the office to have. Very bright and friendly and paid attention to everything I asked. Also up front are Jasmine and Renee'. Both Jasmine and Renee' are also so pleasant to interface with. For this office to have three phenomenal people at the front desk is amazing. From that initial contact with Gabriella, Jasmine, and Renee' you can tell that this is a well run and healthy atmosphere office. Of course, part of that success is due to the fantastic capabilities and attitudes of the Doctors; Dr. Vicky and Dr. Krupp. Both Doctors are extremely skilled Endodontists. My 2.5 hour chair sitting was like a walk in the park. Zero pain. Zero agony. Zero stress. That is because Dr. Vicky and Dr. Krupp are simply the best! In addition to that, Edgar, the Assistant that helped Dr. Krupp for my visit this week, is an absolute star. There were so many tools flying around between Dr. Krupp and Edgar that is was like a Cirque du Soleil act of performers flying around me. It was amazing to watch. And as if that wasn't enough, the chair I was in faced a very large window with bird feeders and squirrels with a multitude of animals doing their thing. Mix in the light background jazz music and the only thing I was missing was a glass of wine! I can't express enough how happy I am that I found Dr. Vicky and Dr. Krupp and Jasmine, Gabriella, Renee' and Edgar. I can't wait until I need another root canal so I can go back and enjoy their company. Best wishes...Kevin K.

Kevin K.

Very great!

Francesco M.

From the moment I entered the office I felt welcomed! The staff is warm and very competent. I did not have to wait long to be taken back for the examination and Dr. Krupp is fantastic, good sense of humor and very good with his hands. The staff and doctor provided an abundance of information throughout the process. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jeffrey Krupp.

John S.