Post-Op Instructions

 APICOECTOMY SURGERY                              

We realize you may have questions and concerns about your Apicoectomy Surgery. In an effort to make your experience with us comfortable and pleasant, we have compiled the following information:

To minimize any swelling, place an ice pack to the side of your face where surgery was performed. It is best to alternate the ice pack (or bag of peas) on and off every 20 minutes over the first 24 hours following surgery. After the first 24 hours, you may switch to a warm compress on the side of your face.
If tolerable, take 600mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours for the first 48 hours following your procedure to help minimize swelling and post-operative discomfort.

Take the prescribed medications if recommended by Dr. Krupp. When taking pain medications do not drink or drive since it may impair your senses and may cause drowsiness. If you have been placed on antibiotics take as directed and until they are completely gone.

Avoid touching or lifting up the lip area to view the surgery site. Do not brush your teeth in the area for 48 hours. You may and are encouraged to brush your teeth in all other areas outside of the surgical site. You may resume brushing the surgical site after 2 days.

Please plan on a soft food diet for the first two days. Avoid hot liquids or foods that are hard to chew while numb so you do not burn your mouth or bite your cheek or tongue.

Restrict your activities the day of surgery and do not resume normal activity until you feel comfortable. This can be up to 24 hours after the surgery.

Please do not sleep on the side of your face where the procedure was performed. Doing so can sometimes result in additional swelling or bruising in the area.

No Smoking or using a drinking straw under any circumstances for the first 48 hours.

If we can be of any further assistance or answer any questions please do not hesitate to call during normal business hours. We will see you in 1 week for your suture removal appointment.